A Comparison between the Nikon D7100 with the Nikon D7500

Even when the AF-S mode is selected initially, if your subject moves, the DSLR automatically changes to AF-C. However, if you concentrate and reframe often, you run the risk of the re-framing mistakenly resulting in a refocussing – in which case the focus point isn’t in the correct location. As we’ve seen with the Nikon D500, D3400, and D5600, the D7500 is equipped with Nikon’s SnapBridge technology, which allows the camera to remain permanently connected to a smart device through a low-power Bluetooth connection, as we’ve seen with the D500, D3400, and D5600 (or via Wi-Fi). In practice, this means that after the first connection has been established, photos may be sent automatically to your phone anytime you take a picture.

It is also advantageous to have a lighter weight for household appliances, since it makes transportation simpler, as well as for a wide variety of other items. In terms of technology, the D7500 has a more powerful image processing engine than the D7100, which provides advantages in terms of noise reduction, color accuracy, and processing speed. The following table presents a synopsis of the most important physical characteristics of the two cameras, as well as those of other comparable devices. If you would want to visualize and compare various camera combinations, you may go to the CAM-parator app and choose from a large number of different cameras available there.


However, the nature of the joint (a giant flat screen that is kept in place by a hinged/rotating joint and attached to the body) causes me to be concerned. It is important to note that if you lose sight of your original subject, the DSLR may attempt to concentrate on an other topic, which is largely reliant on Custom Setting a3. This mode is great for sports, action, children’s and pet games, motorsports, and other activities. A lot has to be learned, so let’s break it down and start with the autofocus modes, which will then be followed by the AF-area modes. If you find this page to be as useful as a book you may have purchased or a course you might have attended, please consider making a donation to help me continue to serve everyone.


Whenever there is significant lateral movement, use a higher number dynamic mode. After you have placed your focus point over your subject and pressed the shutter half way, the DSLR will track the movement of your subject, constantly refocusing. Full-frame lenses are available, but they come at a cost in terms of costs, size, and weight due to the fact that they must cover a full-frame sensor that is more than double the size of a DX sensor.

Less money to begin started, and a high-quality camera to learn how to use all of the features. In addition, I continue to use mine despite the fact that I now have a D7200 and a D500. Because it only has one memory slot, I would not recommend purchasing a D7500 if you want to shoot in RAW.

d7500 d7100

Use this setting if you don’t want to have to move or pan the DSLR in order to maintain the focus and want to keep the camera as still as possible. Color contrast is used by the DSLR to follow subjects as they move across the frame. This mode should be used if your subject is immobile, moving very slowly, or not likely to move during the time you are focussing, recomposing, and taking the photograph. When shooting in AF-S mode, you are only able to choose between two AF area modes: Single-Point AF and Auto-Area AF.

The addition of more microphones improves sound quality and allows the gadget to filter out background noise more effectively. Continuous shooting at a high speed is beneficial for capturing action photos. We choose gadgets that are less in weight since they are more pleasant to take about with us.

Although it may be possible to choose from a variety of different frame rates, the resulting recordings are often of inferior resolution. Due to the fact that phase-detection autofocus is substantially quicker than contrast detection autofocus, clearer photographs may be captured. The resolution of the photographs recorded with the primary camera is determined by the number of megapixels available.


Purchase only from sources that have been authorized. I shop with myself because I find the finest pricing, service, return policies, and selection there are. In this scenario, AUTO indicates that the D7500 automatically determines which AF zones to utilize, and it is also capable of detecting faces. If AFC is selected, AUTO will follow a moving subject during the whole finder! Its ergonomics are typically superb, which is especially important for individuals like myself who need to photograph a variety of topics on short notice since the D7500 includes U1 and U2 programmed camera preset settings on its top dial, which are very useful. Face recognition is great for regular viewfinder photography, and the D7500 often detects and focuses on faces even when there are other distractions in the shot.

(Remember, the D7000 get 39 points, while the D7500, D7200, and D7100 receive 51 points.) When you purchase anything via one of these sites, you are providing the most assistance. It is completely free, and it is the most important source of support for this site, as well as for my family. These establishments consistently provide the finest rates and service, which is why I’ve relied on them even before this website was created.

As an added bonus, the camera now has a tilting touchscreen LCD, which is a welcome addition, but I wish it had been a fully articulating LCD screen instead. In addition, the resolution of the LCD screen has been reduced somewhat, which is not a significant reduction in my view. The camera’s size and weight have also been reduced, making the D7500 an extremely lightweight DSLR. Nikon has also upgraded to a slightly different EN-EL15a battery, which is more powerful. If you just take photographs, you should be able to get around the same amount of images from both cameras if you only take pictures.

d7100 vs d7500

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